Clage CEX9-6 (set 6kW) View larger

Clage CEX9-6 (set 6kW)

Instantaneous Water Heater

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PHP 18,900.00

  • With Fittings (+ P 602.00)

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Weight2,7 kg (when filled w/ water)
Electrical Connections1/N/PE 220..240V AC
Water ConnectionG 1/2"
Energy efficiency classA*
Rated capacity (Rated current)6.0 kW (27 , 3A)
Chosen capacity (Chosen current)6,6 kW (28, 7A)
Min. required cable size3 x 4 mm²
Hot water (i/min)3,8
Rate Volume0,31
Flow rate to switch on - max. flow rate2,0-5,01 / min
Temperature choice20°C-55°C
Dimension (H x W x D)29.4 x 17.7 x 0.8 cm

More info

The Instantaneous Water Heater CEX is a microprocessor-controlled, pressure resistant water heater for a decentralised hot water supply to one or more outlets.

Its electronic control regulates the heating power consumption depending on the selected outlet temperature, the respective inlet temperature and the flow rate, thus reaching the set temperature exactly to the degree and keeping it constant in case of pressure fluctuations. The required outlet temperature can be entered on a keypad and can be read off the digital display.

Description :
• Electronically controlled instant water heater with compact design
• The heating output is electronically controlled. This provides an ideal hot water temperature without the need to add cold water at the tap.
• Push-button operation with LCD indicator for precise temperature setting between 20°c and 55°c
• Two programming buttons for individual pre-set temperatures limits as well as function indicators. (Factory set at 35°c and 48°c)
• Easy installation facilitated by small dimensions and external 1/2 inch water connectors
• Precise temperature due to TWIN TEMPERATURE control TTC up to the capacity of the appliance
• The efficient bare wire heating system IES® reduces lime scale deposits and provides and extended service life.
• With the Multiple Power system MPS®, the maximum power rating is set at the time of installation 6.6 or 8.8 kW / 230V (set at 6kW/220V)

Fittings included are as follows

• 2 pcs. Angle Valve ½" x ½"  Edp no. (03996-00001)
• 1 pack wire # 10 / Grounding wire 1M (01293-00026)
• 2 pcs. Corrugated tube ½" x ½" (04151-00016)